Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Questions of Faith – What’s the relationship between science and religion?

Below are the notes from the first session of a study entitled “The Questions of Faith.” This 15-session series attempts to answer some of the questions raised by participants from our last study. This week we worked of the question, What’s the relationship between science and religion? You may listen to a podcast of this session on the Cove Presbyterian PodBean page.

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Questions we’ll consider during this series:
  1. What’s the relationship between science and religion?
  2. Why hasn’t there been any additions to the Bible for almost two thousand years?
  3. Why are there so many divisions within Christianity?
  4. Why is the will of God so difficult to determine and to follow?
  5. If God loves everyone, how can he send some people to Hell?
  6. When life hurts, does God care?
  7. How can anyone say they know the truth?
  8. Does it even matter what I believe?
  9. If God exists, why is there so much wrong with this world?
  10. How should Christians respond to the gay and lesbian movement within our society and the church?
  11. How should Christians respond to anti-Christian groups that oppose public displays or support for the Christian faith?
  12. Is there any place for evolution at all if God is real? 
  13. Why do we view sin as sin, without one sin being greater than another?
  14. What exactly is the Trinity? We all know it is father, son, and holy spirit, but what does that really mean? 
  15. What does the Bible tell us about Heaven? How do we get there? When will we go there? What should we expect? 
Four Different Perspectives on the Relationship Between Science and Religion:
  1. Incompatibility
  2. Independence
  3. Dialogue
  4. Cooperative
Ways a Scientific Approach Is Different from a Religious Approach:
  1. Anthropology v. Theology
  2. Test v. Trust
  3. Ethical v. Moral
  4. Builds v. Shifts
  5. Theory v. Meaning
Ways a Scientific Approach Is Similar to a Religious Approach:
  1. Both seek growth
  2. Both accept human limits
  3. Both demand thought and invite study
  4. Both interpret information
  5. Both communicate through images

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