Friday, October 16, 2015

The Questions of Faith – Why are there so many divisions within Christianity?

Below are the notes from the third session of a study entitled “The Questions of Faith.” This 15-session series attempts to answer some of the questions raised by participants from our last study. This week we worked of the question, Why are there so many divisions within Christianity?  You may listen to a podcast of this session on the Cove Presbyterian PodBean page.

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The History of the Divisions 

  • Initially, the “church” was a collection of groups united by a shared focus and practice.
  • This situation changed when the church was recognized and later made central by the Roman Empire.
  • The situation changed again with the fall of the Roman Empire in the west. 
  • The situation change again in the mid-1400s with the introduction of paper and movable type.
  • As people interpret on their own, they come to different conclusions and some of the conclusions are reactions to interpretations.

The Reasons for Divisions

  • Theological Divisions
  • Ethnic and National Divisions
  • Divisions Related to the Role of Emotions and Reason
  • Politics 
  • Focus of Worship

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