Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What We Believe - What Are We Doing Here? (The Doctrine of Creation)

Below are notes from our second discussion in a series entitled "What We Believe." This 14-session series considers the fundamental doctrines of Christians. This week we discussed what we believe about the doctrine of creation. You may listen to a podcast of this session on the Cove Presbyterian PodBean page. You might also want to visit the congregational website ( for more church information.

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Focus of this Session
  • We’re in a series dealing with some of the great questions of faith/doctrines of the church.
  • During this session we’ll focus on the question: What are we doing here? To answer this, we’ll consider the doctrine of creation. 
  • During the session, we’ll work to reduce the tension between a scientific and biblical understanding of the world.

We looked at a scientific and religious perspective on creation by considering the following:
  • The Questions Each Seeks to Answer
  • The Approach Each Takes to Find Their Answers
  • The Conclusions Each Reaches 

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